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Saturday August 17th, 2019

Q: My mortgage company pays my property taxes through an escrow, why am I receiving a bill?

A: We do not track whether you have a mortgage company paying your taxes or not. We send all tax bills to the owner on file. Your mortgage company MAY pay the taxes, however it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your mortgage company is paying your taxes. If you are not sure if you mortgage company is going to pay, please contact them.

Q: Why is the previous owner's name in the legal description of my bill?

A: The previous owner's name is placed in the legal description as a chain of title, showing who the previous owner was. When you sell the property your name will go in that slot.

Q: When are tax payments due?

A: The following are when tax payments are due:

Important Dates:

November 10 - First Half Taxes due.
December 10 - Last Day to pay First Half Taxes on time.
April 10 - Second Half Taxes due.
May 10 - Last Day to pay Second Half Taxes on time.

Q: What happens if I do not pay on time?

A: If payments are not received on time the following penalty and interest will be applied on the night of the 10th of every month.

Penalty is charged at 1% of the delinquent tax amount each month until penalty reaches 5%. (Maximum penalty is 5%.)
Interest is charged at 1% of the delinquent tax amount each month until paid.

Q: I sold my mobile home, why am I still getting a tax bill?

A: When you sell a mobile home, you must get a tax release from the County Assessor. With the tax release you pay any current or delinquent taxes and taxes for the future year. After you do this, you take the tax release to the Motor Vehicle Division with the title and they will change the name on the title. After this is done, you will bring the new title back to the County Assessor and they will change the name on the tax rolls and the tax bills will then be sent to the new owner. This is the only way to change the name on a mobile home. If all these steps are not completed, you will continue to get the tax bill.

Q: I just bought this property, why am I being charged for the entire year of taxes?

A: Since property taxes in New Mexico are based on a calendar year, your closing officer will generally impound, from the seller, a pro-rated share of the current year's taxes in advance. The buyer will then be credited with the amount that the seller has paid into closing. When the taxes become due, THE BUYER WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ENTIRE BILL since he has been credited with the seller's pro-rated amount.

Q: How can I acquire properties with delinquent property taxes?

A: The only way to acquire property with delinquent property taxes is by purchasing it at the auction put on by the State of New Mexico. When property taxes have not been paid on real property for three years, the law requires the County Treasurer to turn these properties over to the State. The State then tacks on a $125 Cost to State fee and will auction the property.

Q: Do you accept postmarks?

A: Yes, we accept postmarks!

Q:What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Currently, in the office, we accept cash, check and credit card (with a 2.5% convenience fee or a $3.95 flat fee for Visa Debit.) You can also pay online with an Echeck for a convenience fee of $2.00 or with a credit card with the same fees as in the office. For more information CLICK HERE.