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Saturday August 17th, 2019

Otero County Planning Commission


The Otero County Planning Commission has for its purpose the promotion and guidance of the physical development of the unincorporated portion of Otero County. Such physical development shall include,
but not be limited to, subdivision location and design, proper arrangement and distribution of land uses, availability of public and private utilities and facilities, and promotion of the health, safety, and general
welfare of the residents of Otero County, New Mexico, in accordance with present and future needs.

The Planning Commission also reviews subdivision applications, conducts public hearings and brings recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners as set forth in the Otero County Subdivision Ordinance.

Sylvia Tillbrook
Planning Coordinator
1101 New York Avenue, Room 106
Alamogordo, NM 88310
Tel: 575-439-2620
Fax: 575-443-2928

Planning Commission Members:
JB Colquitt, Jr., Chairman
Hans Steinhoff, Vice-Chair
Andrew Gomolak, Secretary
Cynthia Voight, Member
VACANT, Member
VACANT, Member
VACANT, Member