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Saturday August 17th, 2019

Otero County Recycling Sites

Recyclable Items

Only Corrugated cardboard and brown paper bags are accepted in the container.
*Material not considered Cardboard: Cereal boxes, Soda and Beer containers, wax coated cardboard, or contaminated cardboard (food,grease, etc.).

Mixed Paper
Mixed paper examples; office paper, junk mail, cereal boxes, soda and beer boxes, magazines, newspaper.
*Material not considered Mixed Paper: Books (with the spine attached and hard covers ), Phone Books ( with spine attached ), Wax coated paper, contaminated paper ( food, grease, etc. ).

Plastic #1 PET
Plastics #1 examples: Soda bottles, water bottles, any bottle labeled #1 with a neck.
*Material not considered #1: Plastic clam shell containers, plastic bags, tubs, Plant containers, any container labeled #3 through 7, plastic food trays. No plastic items without a neck. No contaminated plastic.

Plastic #2 HDPE
Plastic #2 examples: Milk jugs, water jugs, laundry jugs, any jug labeled #2 with a neck,
*Materials not considered Plastic #2: Plastic clam shell containers, Plastic bags, Tubs, Plant containers, Computer & TV cases, motor oil containers, any container labeled #3 through 7, Plastic food trays, No contaminated Plastic, no plastic items without a neck.

White Goods /Scrap Steel
Washers, Dryers, Tin, Scrap steel.
*Material not considered metal scrap; any items with wood or plastic still attached, Propane tanks, Gas tanks, Fire Extinguishers, Microwaves, any container with liquid still in it.

Used Motor Oil
Motor oil only. small containers only, No 55 gallon drums allowed.
*Material not recycled, Cooking oil, solvents, acids, diesel fuel.

Car, truck, motorcycle, heavy equipment, golf cart.
*Material not recycled; AA, AAA, B, C, Rechargeable batteries, cordless tool batteries.